Sunday, December 21, 2014

"The Records That Santa Claus Forgot ..."

Ho Ho Ho people!!

two things I have to admit for a starter: 1) above title I shamelessly stole from a programme Peel did in the 90's and I urge you to track this show down on the Peel Wiki, because it's a real treat, much better of course than my little offering for today! But I always liked it very much, so I hope John will forgive me!

And 2) apologies for me having been extremely lazy with me posts here on Sexyloser this year, but it was mixture of having not all too much free time altogether plus a certain lack of enthusiasm plus having run out of bright ideas pretty much .... then again some of the mixes I did might have met with the approval of at least some of you, so that was not too bad, was it? I certainly enjoyed making them a great deal, and that's why I have another one for you today.

I've come up with a fine mixture of (obviously) 24 Christmas tunes you don't hear all too often, guaranteed Band Aid - free! The start is rather rowdyish, but don't let that put you off too soon, because this mix really grows on you, I would think and I can imagine that it'll go perfectly with a nice red wine in one of those rare hours of the next week when wife and children are somewhere else. And you know 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' by heart anyway, so better spend your time with something useful, so enjoy:

                                                                              mp3: "Christmas Mix 2014"

Well, what more can I say? Perhaps a very big "thank you" to those of you who weren't as lazy as I was and managed to provide me with fantastic (new) music on a more or less daily basis: your efforts were highly appreciated during 2014, friends, and I do hope this continues within 2015! So, yes, especially to Walter, Drew, Swiss Adam, Brian, George, JC, Charity Chic, London Lee and The Robster but also to everyone else who reads this: thanks guys for what you gave to me ... I love you and I hope your Christmas season will simply be awesome and also that Santa will bring some nice vinyl for you this year ... you certainly deserve it!

Take good care and stay healthy, that's by and large the only thing that counts in my view!

Merry Christmas,



charity chic said...

Some lovely words and some great music as always DIrk.Merry Christmas to you,Mrs Loser and Little Loser

keepingitpeel said...

Happy Christmas to you Dirk.

TheRobster said...

Nice one Dirk. Cheers for your help and enthusiasm over at my place this year. I'll think of you with each mouthful of stollen! (We have a lot of stollen...)

george said...

I have a feeling there may be some downloading and burning on to a cd in these parts. Thanks Dirk, and Boa Natal, as we say.

george said...

.... and can we have some more Little Loser picks please?

Brian said...

You've done it again, Dirk. Great mix! In fact, I think I only have about half of these. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2015. Best wishes to you and your family.

Scott said...

Merry Christmas Dirk. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas.