Saturday, November 1, 2014

Charity Chic - "Holiday"

Hello friends,

the next request comes from good ole' pal of this blog Charity Chic (visit his blog Charity Chic Music, please!!!), he wrote in as thus:

"Dirk - as I'm just back from holidays - can I have a holiday mix please?".

Of course I am more than happy to oblige and I would have posted this earlier than today, but for one reason or another I had run out of bandwidth again, to Charity Chic's great dismay, it must be said.

But now you should be able to download the mix, my friend, and I hope it meets with your approval. If it doesn't work yet, you might have to wait until it's November 1st wherever it is that boxnet are located (in the USA?) ...

Either way, enjoy:
Any good? I do hope it was! One more request is in the pipeline, so watch out for that in due course!
Take good care,


Charity Chic said...

Thanks for this Dirk!
Some old favourites and some new stuff for me to explore
My only gripe- my holidays are a distant memory.
Haven't managed to download yet but playing as I type
By way of thanks I dedicate Neat Neat Neat to you

Charity Chic said...

It's now November 1st in Boxnet land and the mix has been duly downloaded!

Unknown said...