Saturday, April 12, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 8)

 Hello friends,

for a change the sun is shining and it's weekend ... which for me means that my wife forces me to do stupid garden work all day! But I managed to steal myself away from it (which is a dangerous thing to do, believe me) for a few minutes, just in order to tell you to a) never get married and b) never build a house or you'll end up like me!

Here's something I already prepared the other night for you, another one of those old Peel tapes again, from 1993 this time. (Then) new stuff, combined with some cracking oldies ... just the way it should be, I'd say:

Peel 213, C. 042/1:
2623  Sunday Never Comes Around Po!
2624  I Smell Trouble Little Johnny Taylor
2625  Vampire Belairs
2626  Tracers Yardstick
2627  Kimble Lee Perry
2628  Fuzzbuster Mudhoney
2629  Goldenes Spielzeug DAF
2630  Sheela Na-Gig P.J. Harvey
2631  Stylus Flight Equitek
2632  Texture Catherine Wheel
2633  Pleasant Valley Sunday Wedding Present     

As ususal you can choose between each tune filed seperately (here) or a mix of them all (here).

Enjoy your weekend (more than I do) ... gotta run again!

Take good care,



drew said...

I love these Peel tapes Dirk.

TheRobster said...

Married life is an institution , Dirk. Yes, we've been institutionalised...

Anything where Lee Perry is followed by Mudhoney is OK by me, especially if it includes PJ Harvey, Catherine Wheel and the wonderful Weddoes too! Nice one.

george said...

What a splendid selection of music. Brings back some good memories. I'll let you get back to your gardening work!

Luca said...

Gardening is my wife's hobby while I absolutely hate every aspect of it so, in order to avoid being in any way involved in said activity, I've had to take up ironing. Given that I work every Saturday morning and I've very little free time during the rest of the working week, I spend at least two hours every Sunday morning wrestling with the ironing board while my wife tries as hard as she can not to kill the plants she's bought the day before. Ah, the joys of being married..

Brian said...

Another fine installment, Dirk. A few new ones here for me. Is this really a photo of your Peel tapes?

Dirk said...

No Brian, I am ashamed to say that mine are in a certain state of disarray ... I wish though that I had the room to display them like in the picture ...

Brian said...

Me too!