Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 6

A very good morning to you, friends!

More than a year ago since I we last had this, but yesterday I forced Little Loser (now 5 and a bit) to choose 5 songs from my files in the computer. I've said this before, but (still) he can't read (not that he should be able to) and thus his choices really are perfectly undeliberate ... as they should be, of course!

Here's what he came up with, all in all not too bad, I'd say:

What do you think, ey? I mean, then again it wasn't all too hard for him to choose something beautiful because of my extraordinarily good taste in music which reflects itself in the tunes I have on me harddrive ... seriously though: if you knew how big the pile of crap is that can be found on said harddrive, you'd be astnished how good his job was: I - personally - love him for what he did!

Enjoy your Sunday,



george said... your son managed to sort out the wheat from the chaff ie unearth a few gems. Well done too him.

Charity Chic said...

He obviuosly has an eye for the ladies!

Walter said...

My best thanks to LL that he presented me the Donnas again. I hope we don't have to wait another year until he's doing this job again.


PS: Hope your getting better day by day

Swiss Adam said...

Cracking work Little Loser

Brian said...

Nicely done, Little Loser. I had never heard that cover from the Donnas before. Fun!