Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Battle Of The Blogs" ... Round 2

Good evening friends,

round #2 of our "Battle Of The Blogs", alas no contenders so far apart from Walter who hit me hard with a perfect jab (Geisterfahrer and Extrabreit) earlier today. But I will immediately conter this with a classic upercut:


Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, or DAF, if you'd rather, will be, so I think, the most commonly known German band from that era to you Britons, simply because of 'Der Mussolini' ... which is not their best tune though, by far not.

DAF came from Wuppertal, they started in 1978 with five members, although only Gabi Delgado's (vocals) and Robert Görl's (drums, percussion, all electronic instruments) names will perhaps still ring a bell here and there these days.

DAF certainly were the most commercially successful band from the days of German punk, then again they were the ones who trained much much harder than anybody else as well. They went to England at a very early stage of their career and lived in some rotten cellar there for a year only to work on what was to become their second longplayer, 'Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen', released on the Mute label. The record was widely lauded by the British music press, and earned the group an early cult following in the UK.

This though is from their fourth album from 1981 on Virgin Records, which I consider to be their best, 'Gold Und Liebe'. Great tunes and after having heard them you will be able to confirm what John Peel said about them at the time: 'The Grandfathers Of Techno" ... wise words indeed ... enjoy:

DAF - 'Verschwende Deine Jugend' (mp3)
DAF - 'Goldenes Spielzeug' (mp3)

So there you are: uncompromisingly minimalist pop from Germany. Good, ey?



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Brian said...

Seriously, that was going to be my pick as well. Really good stuff. Like many, I first heard these guys from NME's C81 tape.