Saturday, October 30, 2010

A mixtape .... and why not?

Hello dear friends,

Mrs Loser, together with Little Loser are away for a few hours now (@ the neighbours, preparing food for a Halloween/Birthday party, which is going to take place tomorrow evening. I'll turn up as a mummy there, should you want to know ...).

Either way, I used the time on me own to mow the lawn (for the last time this year I hope) and then went to the computer and listened to some tunes from yesteryear. And whilst doing so I thought to myself: 'Hold on, why not share this stuff with the five blighters who occassionally read this blog?' And there you are, friends, a mixtape for you! Nothing special, just a few songs I listened to earlier today, that's it. I like them a lot, and I hope you do too.  I only used songs not dating prior to 1990, because I thought, okay, if one or two people leave comments, perhaps this gives you the chance to do another mixtape of songs from even an earlier period, the one that I like best (1976 - 1989) .... so let's wait and see, shall we?

So here's what I spent my morning with, in no particular running order ....:

(1) Mr Symarip - 'I Was Busted' ('06)
(2) Detroit Cobras - 'Shout Bama Lama' ('04)
(3) Midwich Cuckoos - 'Show Me' ('90)
(4) Harrisons - 'Man Of The Hour' ('07)
(5) Louie - 'Dead Man' ('06)
(6) Clinic - 'The Return Of Evil Bill' ('00)
(7) Mo Ho Bish O Pi - 'Hear The Air' ('00)
(8) Spoon - 'Jonathon Fisk' ('02)
(9) Pulp - 'O.U. (Gone, Gone)' ('92)
(10) Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Rocket' ('98)
(11) Inter - 'Happy Ending' ('97)
(12) Broken Family Band - '12 Eyes Of Evil' ('03)
(13) Raymen - 'Buzzsaw Baby Of The Hollywood Hills' ('90)
(14) Shane McGowan & The Popes - 'Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway' ('00)
(15) Crimea - 'Lottery Winners On Acid' ('03)
(16) Electrelane - 'I'm On Fire' ('03)
(17) M.A.S.S. - 'Hey Gravity' ('02)
(18) Pooh Sticks - 'Young People' ('91)
(19) McLusky - 'Alan Is A Cowboy Killer' ('02)
(20) Metal Mike - 'I Don't Like This World Anymore' ('91)
(21) Soledad Brothers - 'Break 'Em On Down' ('02)
(22) NOFX - 'Kill All The White Man (live Hollywood '95)

Hope you had fun with that, friends. I certainly had.

Leave comments. Please.




Anonymous said...

Hallo Dirk,

schön dass dein blog wieder am leben ist. Danke - im besonderen für M.A.S.S.


didaduc said...

Wilder Mix, aber sehr gut. Mit Electrelane, toll. Prima, dass Du wieder postest. Ja, der little loser. Der hat mich in den 80-ern musikalisch einige Jahre verpassen lassen. Aber der kleine Kerl sorgte für ganze andere und ebenso packende "Musik".