Friday, July 10, 2009

I Think I Need Help ....

Hello dearest friends,

another shameless theft (here) from the mighty Vinyl Villain, you might think, but let me tell you that this is not true, no! The idea cropped up several months ago, but I never got around to post it here until today:

Back in 1989 or 1990 (perhaps even 1991, but I don't think so) I got a cassette tape from a friend of mine, Iris, and it has been a much treasured item ever since. Full of good songs, a few weak ones as well, but all in all I always liked coming back to it from time to time. The problem with the tape is that most of the songs are unknown to me (Iris didn't include any information whatsoever (women, ey?!) and I hope she burns in hell for this!!). Now, I have always been desperate to figure out whom they might be by, so that I can get my hands on a decent vinyl/CD copy (or, to be honest, find them as high quality mp3's somewhere for illegal download) one of these days.

I assume most of you will laugh out loud, because you know these tunes by heart and can immediately identify them as Top 10 Hits everybody can sing along to .... but I can't alas. Therefore any hints from your side in the comment section, dearest friends, are highly appreciated.

Along with the songs below you get a little bit of rather cheesy 80's dancefloor stuff on said tape, not the thing one would want to hear today, certainly not me. But also there's some early Nick Cave on it, very early Young Marble Giants and Beautiful South's 'Song For Whoever' (not a particular favourite of mine, but so what?), all of that along with The Sugarcubes' 'Birthday' and old Ian Dury - stuff. A strange combination, but wonderful!

Below are the tunes I like best, but I haven't got the slightest idea who sings them and/or what they're titled. Do you?
Iris1 (mp3) - I have absolutely no idea at all who this might be ....
Iris2 (mp3) - sounds pretty much like Jonathan Richman, I always thought ....
Iris3 (mp3) - again: not the slightest idea ....
Iris4 (mp3) - as above ...
Iris5 (mp3) - ... again.
Iris6 (mp3) - I'm willing to have small bet that those are The Violent Femmes ...
Iris7 (mp3) - cuts off before the end, but I hope someone can identify it nevertheless.

Thanks very much indeed for your help, folks! Highly appreciated, as I said.


And now for something completely different:

I noticed in the last two weeks that every - and I mean every - blog I frequently visit has featured a Michael Jackson - tribute in one form or another. Although I never gave a toss about Jackson (never liked his music nor his dancing nonsense nor his childish giggling all the freakin' time he was on the telly .... actually I always thought he was a complete twerp), Sexyloser will of course follow the common herd and post a little something as well, a neat tune I have always been fond of:

Negativland - 'Michael Jackson' (mp3) [from 'Escape From Noise', 1987]

See you soon, friends. I promise to post more frequently from now on .... that's if Little Loser allows me to do so .....

Have fun,



absonderpop said...

Die Halbwissende Müllhalde schläagt zu:

1. Jazz Butcher - Girlfriend
2. Jonathan Richman - Chewing Gum Wrapper
3. ?
4. ?
5. Elisa Waut - Four Times More*
6. Violent Femmes - No Killing
7. Colin Newman - Their Terrain**

*Textpassegen googeln hat geholfen
**Shazam und ein iPhone haben geholfen

Grüße, Michael

Dirk said...

Hallo Michael,

besten Dank, mein Freund: erste Sahne!

Dirk said...

... in the meantime I received a very nice email from Ralf, who confirmed #1 and also let me know that #3 is 'Hang On' by Snapper (thanks again, Ralf!) ... which leaves only the #4 unindentified ... but I#m sure one of you experts out there will be able to help me out ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dirk,
I'm fairly certain track No4 is a band from Liverpool called


Dirk said...

Thanks, Craig: I have their 'Don't Let Go' - 12" in my record collection ... will do further research on their back catalogue when I get home from work ...


Unknown said...

I've got somewhere on VHS tape a clip of Jonathan Richman playing 'Chweing Gum Wrapper' live at some college gig in England that went out on 'Whistle Test'. Its wonderful, and I'm hoping that someday, someone will put it on youtube.