Friday, January 9, 2009

My Peel Tapes - Part 27

Hello my beauties!!

A very happy New Year to all of you, combined with apologies that it took me ages to post something new on Sexyloser. The truth of the matter is that I spent most of my free time around Christmas and New Year on the couch, reading cheap literature and drinking even cheaper red wine. But now I'm back with a brandnew edition of 'My Peel Tapes' featuring stuff Peel played in 1996/1997: enjoy!

(273) Billy Bragg - 'Northern Industrial Town' (mp3). From the 'William Bloke' - album on Cooking Vinyl Records, released in 1996. Well, there are only very few bands or artists of which I can claim to owe everything that they ever released. Amongst The Clash and The Ramones I could name Billy Bragg, therefore I think I'm entitled to say that this song is one his finest works ever. Of course the earlier albums - in their entirety - were better than 'William Bloke' is, but the track itself is an outstanding masterpiece! One perfect example of a song where all comes to a conclusion with the final words .... great!

(274) Heavenly - 'Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges' (mp3). From the 'Operation Heavenly' - album on Wiija Records, released in 1996. A very important band they were at those days, that's for sure. All of them played together in Talulah Gosh, perhaps you'll recognise Amelia Fletcher's voice on this tune, orginally performed by France Gall. 'Operation Heavenly' was the band's fourth and final album, after it they changed their name to Marine Research, because after the suicide of drummer (and brother of Amelia) Mathew Fletcher (shortly before the release of the album) they wouldn't want to carry on under the name of Heavenly. All of their previous records were released on the fantastic Sarah Records.

(275) Bis - 'Starbright Boy' (mp3). From the 'New Transistor Heroes' - album on Wiija Records, released in 1997. This debut LP is not 'easy listening', I think it's fair to say. 12 years ago they were clearly ahead of their time, but nowadays I can't quite cope with going through the album in one go .... rather an irritating wall of sound it is sometimes, I'm afraid to say. Lobster red vinyl, limited edition of 500 only: if anyone of you is interested in having my copy, just let me know ...

(276) Revelino - 'Step On High' (mp3). A 7" on Musidisc Records from 1996. Well, there ain't pretty much I could possibly say about Revelino apart from the fact that they came from Ireland and that they released three albums in their career. None of which I have ever heard, I'm ashamed to say, therefore I don't have the slightest idea whether they are any good or not. But upon the evidence of 'Step On High', I suppose they should well be wonderful!

(277) The Delgados - 'Sucrose' (mp3). From their 'Domestiques' - album on Chemikal Underground Records, released in 1996. I don't know why, but I always keep coming back to the wonderful 'Under Canvas, Under Wraps' as being my favourite track on the album. But I've posted this one before, therefore you'll get 'Sucrose' this time. Which is a pretty fine tune as well .... albeit I think it might have been pressed slightly off centre, but I hope that this doesn't spoil your enjoyment.

(278) Ellinger Combo - 'Okie From Muscogee' (mp3). From a compilation - CD called 'Texas Bohemia II - Slow Music. The Texas Bohemian Moravian German Bands'. Released on Germany's Trikont Label from Munich in 1996, this CD brings together rather a strange collection of combos, who cover 70's jukebox hits you wouldn't identify yourself with in the first place. 'Okie From Muscogee' though, orginally done by Merle Haggard as far as I know, is a real gem. Download this 1973 version of the old anti-hippy anthem immediately if you want to do yourself a favour, folks!

(279) Belle & Sebastian - 'The Stars Of Track And Field' (mp3). From their 'If You're Feeling Sinister' - CD on Jeepster Records from 1996. Well, there ain't much to say about this record, right? I mean, everything has been said already. The band's second longplayer definetely is one of the great records of all time and it shouldn't miss in your collection. Pitchfork Media placed the album at number 14 in its top 100 albums of the 1990s. Rolling Stone magazine featured the album on its list of "Essential Recordings of the 1990s," while Spin magazine included the record at number 76 on its "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005" list. 'If You're Feeling Sinister' also appears as an entry in the book "1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die" as chosen by music critics. Another source that analyzes critics, Acclaimed Music, has placed 'If You're Feeling Sinister' as the 5th-best album of 1996 and number 341 of all time.

(280) The Capris - 'There's A Moon Out Tonight' (mp3). Originally recorded in 1960, but taken from the 'Fabriclive.07: John Peel' - compilation-CD on Fabric Records, released in 2002. Normally these Amazon reviews are not very much reliable, but this one here says everything you need to know about this fantastic CD:

"Taking over from Grooverider, the man behind the decks for Fabriclive Vol.7 is everyone's favourite steam engine-loving sexagenarian, Mr John Peel. After his memorable set at the Fabric club in February, the veteran DJ obviously relished compiling his relentlessly eclectic first mix album. Predictably, The Fall get a look in as do the Undertones with "Teenage Kicks" but as the cult vinyl manipulator flicks from techno to blues, then R&B to reggae via folk and funk, it proves to be a rocky ride well worth the fare. Quite how it all fits in to the dance compilation category is a mystery, but in contrast to the dirge of one-dimensional titles available, Fabric 07 shines bright with a free-form bristling energy that many DJs half Mr Peel's age can only dream of. Where else would you find MC DET's feisty drum & bass fuelled "Hipsteppin" merging with the gorgeous soulful R&B harmonising of The Velvelettes "Needle in a Haystack" before the Bad Livers serve up a manic, banjo-driven, thigh-slappin' rendition of Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life"? With music culled from deep within the archives, Peel effortlessly transcends genres and decades with carefree abandon. Fabric 07 may well confound the feet but it's sure to rock the soul and warm the heart."

(281) Lotte Ohm - 'Die Liebe In Den Zeiten Des Rinderwahns' (mp3). A 12" EP on Disco Grönland Records from 1996. Again a bit of a treat, at least for me. Might mean nothing to you (English speakers), but there you are .... see how I have to suffer with all of the great records sung in English where I only understand half of what the singer sings. Improve on your German if you want to understand the lyrics, readers! The title translates as 'Love in the times of Mad Cow Disease', which should make you curious to know more, I might imagine ...

(282) The Descendents - 'I'm The One' (mp3). A 7" on Epitaph Europe in support of their 'Everything Sucks' - LP, both released in 1997. And a real corker this tune is, that's for sure!

(283) Babybird - 'Goodnight' (mp3). A 7" on the Echo Label from 1996. Not as sucessfull as the follow-up from 1997, 'You're Gorgeous', but what a fine song it is, friends .... also to be found on Babybird's debut album, 'Ugly Beautiful'. Stephen Jones decided to write fiction after Babybird split in 2000, as far as I know they briefly got together again, but what are they doing now, I have no idea ...

(284) Arab Strap - 'The First Big Weekend' (mp3). From their 'The Week Never Starts Around Here' - LP on Chemikal Underground Records from 1996. Okay, to be absolutely frank to you, this is another album which is not terribly easy to listen to in it's entirety. It's not bad, you know, but there is something missing which I can't immediately identify. 'The First Big Weekend' is a great tune though, you people in the UK might know it from a TV advertising (was it Guiness?) ....

(285) The Sid Presley Experience - 'Public Enemy Number One' (mp3). An oldie, and why not? The B-Side of their 'Hup Two Three Four' single on ID Records from 1984, although in my eyes the B-Side is the clear winner here. The single was produced by Dave Goodman, you might remember his brilliant 'Justifiable Homicide'. The Sid Presley Experience later became The Godfathers.

(286) Prolapse - 'Killing The Bland' (mp3). A CD-single on Radarscope Records from 1997. Sorry, but there is nothing much I can tell you about Prolapse, although I even two of their records. 'Killing The Bland' was on their album 'The Italian Flag',l which was released in 1997 as well, I think. The band came from Leicester ... and that's where my knowledge ends.

(287) Dreadzone - 'Earth Angel' (mp3). Again CD-single on Virgin Records, released in 1997. A nice tune, asomewhat contrary to what I normally post here on Sexyloser. Perhaps you even like it and say "Hah ... that's the fucking best tune you gave to us this week!" ... and you might be right. More on Dreadzone: here.

(288) Inter - 'Happy Ending' (mp3). An appropriate title on yet another CD-single, this time on Pet Sounds from 1997. I'm afraid this the only record I have by Inter, which is a real shame, because the tune is simply outstanding! Apparently they released quite a lot of other records before they split in 2001.
Enough for today, friends, but be relieved: there's more to come .... sooner or later. Until then, take good care, okay?


a Tart said...

Hello Darling, so good to hear from you! These look to be rather great and thank you! It's a snowy day here and I've got loads of grading to do, so I'm gonna snuggle up to your tunes instead of you, your wife will be glad I'm sure xoxoxo! Happy New Year to you both, :)

Greer said...

Hey Dirk,

Sounds like an excellent use of your free time if you ask me. I enjoyed listening to all these tunes, thanks so much. And I've been meaning to stop by before now and say how cool it was to hear Mrs S-L on the podcast, and to wish you both a very happy new year. Take good care.

JC said...

Welcome back compadre - I had you down as someone a bit more sophisticated than a drinker of cheap wine. Still, that will save me a few pennies when I do eventually get to host a visit from you and Mrs SL at some point in the future.

I'll admit to being a big fan of 'William Bloke'. I think Billy's songwriting at that time was really poignant and quite beautiful in places, as he put together an album that was in so many ways written for, and about, his wife and son.

Ed said...

Hi Dirk much are you selling your Bis LP for? Great selection, as ever! Ed

Dirk said...

Well Ed,

of course I don't want to rip you off, therefore I'm honest and tell you I have no idea what the album (ltd. edition of 500, original inner sleeve with lyric sheet, lobster red vinyl, both record and cover in mint condition) might be worth these days. I saw it on various sites for around 20 Pounds, but I think this is a bit over the top, so my idea would be 15 Pounds plus p&p into the UK. I'd also include the 'Everybody Thinks They're Gonna Get Theirs' - 7" for free, if you can cope with the price.

What do you think?

All the best,


Dirk said...

Dear JC,

well, I have tried more expensive wine when I was a bit younger. To be absolutely frank to you, it is just an objective of cheap that I don't do it any longer: marriage and paying off the house forces me to draw the line somewhere. But be relieved: still the bottle is around 4 Euros, so all in all it isn't THAT cheap, right?

Ed said...

Sounds me at 17 Seconds and we'll sort it out! Have also now got the Aberfeldy 7"s in my possession now too...