Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Holidays!

Morning folks,

perhaps it's a bit too early to wish you all Happy Easter (I assume this should not be done before Monday, right?), but I don't care a great deal: the main thing for me is not the Christian background, it's more the fact that I have 4 days off in a row, ha ha .... so: Happy Easter to everyone of you and I hope you enjoy your free time as much as I do!

It's rather easy to find appropriate tunes for Christmas, but for Easter? Hmmmh ... this one would be okay, I think ... at least it would be on Monday.

Cay - 'Resurrexit' (mp3): Now, I know very little about Cay, nothing in fact. This track though - from 1999 or 2000 (it doesn't read on the - deleted - CD) - is utterly brilliant, at least in my view ....

And if I were a DJ, I would have played it for the mighty Crash out of the fantastic Pretending Life Is Like A Song - blog. Crash has decided to keep the blog on halt for the time being, because he has to sort out things in real life. Crash, all the best from my side! The blog is already completely defunct, as you will have spotted perhaps, but if you have a look at the old editions of the Contrast Podcast (link), you will be able to hear Crash's enthusiastic introducions to brilliant tunes of his own choice. Do it every once a while, I can only highly recommend it: there's a wide wide range of fantastic music to explore, this, of course, in combination with interesting and sometimes even weird intros from very nice people all over the world. Thanks to Tim Young, the mastermind behind it all! Tim, enjoy your holiday and I hope you will be back soon, relaxed and ready for more great Contrast Podcasts!

Crash, Tim, this is for you, mates: Galaxie 500 - 'When Will You Come Home?' (mp3). Taken from the fantastic 1989 LP 'On Fire' on Rough Trade: not only is the entire record absolutely awesome, also the sleeve notes, written by Kramer, are hard to beat.

Thinking of it, having chosen this track might leave the rest of you under the impression that I miss the two guys for other reasons than their great work. This is not the case, and so, in order to proove that straightaway:

Sloppy Seconds - 'I Don't Wanna Be A Homosexual' (mp3). A 7" on Toxic Shock Records, 1990.

As you will have spotted, I totally lost the Easter thingy by now ... and it's hard to come back to the intended topic. But who cares, ey? So therefore here are just some more tunes you won't hear all that often. Sit back, have a bottle of red wine and enjoy some Ska. Then again: dance, if you want to. It's all up to you ....

Prince Buster - 'Time Longer Than Rope' (mp3). Taken from a very useful compilation, which I picked up in Kingston on my first trip to Jamaica: 'History Of Ska Vol. 2 - The Golden Years '66 - '69' on Studio One Records.

Sound Dimension - 'Soulful Strut' (mp3). It's always hard to tell when those Ska tracks were first released. 1969, I would guess here. You can find it on the excellent 'Studio One Soul' compilation on Soul Jazz Records. Perhaps it's even still available from their back catalogue ....

Hopeton Lewis - 'Take It Easy' (mp3). Again this is taken from a Soul Jazz compilation, this time from '300% Dynamite'. Originally released in 1966?

Desmond Dekker - 'Pickney Girl' (mp3). From a compilation on Trojan Records. 1968 perhaps.

Melodians - 'Rivers Of Babylon' (mp3). From 1970. Now this a tune that is frequently being brought in connection with religion, right? A nice excuse to use it as the final track for this Easter Song Parade.

Again, relax, people and spend some time with your loved ones. And if you find the time to leave a comment: do so. I would be more than pleased!


Adam said...

I only just noticed this - thank you Dirk. And from a few posts on - Billy seems to be doing 'world turned upside-down' as his show opener at the moment, which is great. The first time I saw him live, in '85 at a big unemployment rally, he opened with it and the news review of the day said 'those in the crowd raising their fists in salute to 'stand up now' weren't just carried along by the moment - they meant every bit of their gesture' - and I was one of them!

Adam said...

also you need to remember the very best line ever about this stuff - Michael Gambons ( who is such a brilliant actor) told a journalist one time "I used to be a homosexual but I had to give it up becuase it made my eyes water".

Dirk said...

Great to hear from you, Adam ... and all the best for your new site, mate!

Take good care,


FiL said...

Cay! That's a blast from the past, in a sort of grungey, Camden stomp sorta way. And singer Anet Mook was rather lovely, I recall, and probably still is...

FiL said...

And one can never have too much ska!!