Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who can identify this tune, please?

Hi friends,

I received a message on my discogs site from Javi from Spain, who has a song on a tape he recorded back in the summer of 1987. He neither knows the artist nor the name of the song, but is desperately looking for any help indeed. The recording quality is best described as poor, but nevertheless please spend two minutes of your time, listen to the track and if you have a clue: please let me know, so that I can tell Javi.

Here's said song.

Cheers my beauties ... and thanks for your time and help,



Keith said...

I am stumped - sounds like one of those quirky C86 bands. Can anyone make out the chorus lyrics?

Unknown said...

Like Keith, I'm also stumped.

Sorry amigo.

Northern Soul said...

I would - but the sample lasts a whole 2 seconds - I'll try again in case it's just me....